A peaceful place to live in community, learn life skills, and deepen your faith to be successful in life today and tomorrow.

UMM Camp House program that will allow students who are attending Williston State College to live in Christian community, learn skills for life, and be independent. The Camp House is a great place for students looking to take advantage of the Regional (RCS) and Williams County Graduate Scholarships (WCGS) as they thrive in community and safety.

The Camp House is a program that will allow a student who will attend WSC in the Fall 2018 to live in Christian community, encourage inter-generational faith, and learn skill for a successful life.

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Upper Missouri Ministries is located on 203 acres on the shores of Springbrook Dam. The shore line surrounds most of the camp site, which is on a peninsula nestled in the coulee bottom.

This is a perfect setting for kids and families to experience the Love and Grace of Jesus through time in creation and community that allows faith in Christ Jesus to be sparked.

Children (of all ages) are in need of a place to slow down and reconnect with nature and other people. And we all need to reconnect with the Love and Grace of God found in Jesus. Time at Camp UMM provides experiences in services, worship, study, and quiet time. Campers return to their homes, families, and communities with faith in Christ Jesus that is sparked and with tools that will allow them to weather the storms of life.


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